Kokebi Coffee Organico Medium Roast 250g Organic Coffee Beans

Brand: Kokebi Coffee



Organico is our medium roast coffee blend made using Organic 100% Arabica beans measuring at a strength of 3/6, boasting a bold flavour with notes of nuts, a creamy chocolate flavour throughout and a smoky, peppery finish.

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TypeCoffee Beans
BeansOrganic 100% Arabica beans | Triple Certified (minimum 30% certified RFA content)
RoastMedium Roast
Strength 3/6
OriginColombia, Honduras, Sumatra
FlavourCreamy chocolate note throughout with a smoky and peppery finish.


Colombian coffee varietal
We have carefully selected the finest and most balanced Colombian coffee beans providing notes of sweet berries with a citrus like acidity. The Caturra and Castillo coffee varieties we combined are prized for their medium to heavy body, sweetness, floral notes rounded out by delicate notes of brown sugar.

Honduran coffee varietal
Honduran coffee beans are noted for their high-quality Arabica yield, and at Kokebi Coffee we have selected only the highest quality variety of Organic Bourbon coffee bean varieties for the true coffee connoisseur. Experience a vibrant fruity fragrance, lively acidity with tasting notes of orange, woven into a velvety taste and smooth finish in every cup.

Sumatran coffee varietal
We have selected the finest Organic Catimor and Typica coffee beans from Sumatra, Indonesia which for any coffee lover will provide an unrivalled flavour experience. Encounter a rich and creamy body with decadent flavour notes of sweet and dark chocolate entwined in citrus and florals. The culmination of this flavour experience is indebted to the rich soils of Sumatra’s tropical climate, culminating in a sweet and alluring aftertaste.

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