Kokebi Coffee Central Medium Roast 250g Coffee Beans

Brand: Kokebi Coffee



Central is a medium roast blend of high-grown central American coffees made using 100% Arabica beans. Central boasts a full flavour and well rounded with notes of nut and chocolate. In the finish there is a light, sweet caramel note.

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TypeCoffee Beans
Beans100% Arabica
RoastMedium Roast
Strength 3/6
OriginColombia, Costa Rica, Brazil
FlavourNotes of nuts and chocolate with a light, sweet caramel note.


Colombian coffee varietal
We have carefully selected the finest and most balanced Colombian coffee beans providing notes of sweet berries with a citrus like acidity. The Caturra and Castillo coffee varieties we combined are prized for their medium to heavy body, sweetness, floral notes rounded out by delicate notes of brown sugar.

Brazilian coffee varietal
Our famed Brazil Santos selection prevails as one of the finest bases for which we develop our range of flavours and blends. We meticulously select only the finest beans to ensure that in each cup you will discover flavour profiles of nuts, cocoa, chocolate and dried fruit. Attentively we commence roasting our Brazilian varieties to light-medium roast to achieve their well-balanced body, endearing a smooth and velvety soft mouthfeel to every cup.

Costa Rican coffee varietal
Costa Rican coffees are famed to possess some of the best flavour profiles in south and central America. Expect a nutty and developed flavour profile conjuring hints of citrus fruit and apricots with delicate florals. Kokebi Coffee has attentively roasted our hand-picked coffee beans resulting in low bitterness with a medium acidity and sweetness creating an exceptionally smooth finish.

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