Kokebi Coffee Colombia Huila Medium Roast 500g Speciality Coffee Beans

Brand: Kokebi Coffee



100% Arabica | Medium Roast

A stunning single origin Speciality coffee from the farmers cooperative in Huila, Colombia region. The tasting profile offers balanced flavours of sweet, berry and Citric flavours.

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Blend100% Arabica
Bag Size500g
Bags Per Box12
OriginHuila Colombia
Varietals & VarietiesMixed includes Colombian, Caturra, Castillo cultivars
Altitudes1,200 – 1,600 masl
Coffee Cultivation113, 354 hecs
ProcessFully washed
SCA Score83
Tasting ProfileBalanced, sweet, Berry notes, Chewy body, Citric like acidity


About Colombian Huila coffee
In 1963 Cadefhuila evolved as an initiative to market dry parchment coffee for the producers of Huila. The organisation of small producers formed into a cooperative that represented their interests. Since 1963 Cadefihuila have aimed to transfer the highest possible price to the coffee growers and support training, funding and on going investment in the Huila coffee sector.

Huila’s landscape is mountains supporting a variation in climate along with a nitrogen rich soil, making it ideal for growing coffees.

The cooperatives members coffee farms are located in the below municipals. Their produce are sold through the year to their local buying stations. payment is based on local market rates and quality premiums.


Kokebi Coffee Selection”

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