With the Summer just around the corner and commercial slush machines proving more popular than ever, we have answered some of your most frequently asked questions on why slush machines to buy, lease or rent can help diversify your range of drinks.

As Summertime is typically the time of year many businesses choose to invest in a slush machine, our commercial slush machines for sale make for profitable business investments all year round.

Find out more below about what our clients and customers have asked us most frequently when it comes to slush machines for sale including price to syrups, recipes and more.

How much does a slush machine cost?

Buying a commercial slush machine outright can cost as much as £2,000 depending on what size machine you choose and output requirements. At Logic Vending we offer the option to lease our machines which range from only £19.99/Per Week + VAT. We include flexible payment options, training, cover and offer a wide range of specialist ingredients for your new investment. Browse the full range here.

Can you put any drink in a slush machine?

You can certainly provide almost any flavour! With our range of speciality ingredients, you will be able to provide iced beverages with flavours ranging from; kola, raspberry, cherry, mango, orange, strawberry and more in addition to cocktail flavours like Mojito and Pina Colada. With our fleet of carbonated slush machines, you will also be able to provide slush with fizz. Explore our flavours here.

Do you turn a slush machine off at night?

Slush machines are supposed to be rotating 24/7 to allow the ice to defrost gently and retain the mix in a chilled state overnight. Most slush machines will also include a night mode setting which if not used can result in the ice not defrosting properly. For that reason, it’s always important to refer to your manual and take into account our training advice on your new machine. Browse our slush machines here.

Is a slush machine healthy?

There are many ways to offer healthy slush options to your customers including using sugar free syrups and exploring beverage options including smoothies by adding berries and other fruit ingredients to your end drink. However, do not put berries in your slush machine, which can lead to blockages and damage. Browse our range of syrups here.

Can you put alcohol in a slush machine?

It is possible to include alcohol in your slush mix, however this depends on your dilution as remember, alcohol wont freeze at the same temperature as water or our slush ingredients! That’s why we recommend getting our flavoured slush syrups including Pina Colada, Mojito and more then adding your desired spirit afterwards, which gives you greater flexibility rather than just including one spirit in your mix.

Can you use normal cordial in a slush machine?

For best results we always recommend using our speciality ingredients to get the best quality frozen drinks for your customers. Why? As with alcohol, different liquids including cordials not manufactured to machine standards may not freeze correctly or even cause machine damage if used in incorrect volumes by freezing your machine solid! Check our speciality range of slush ingredients here.

Is a slush machine profitable?

Yes. The cost of ingredients and stock is lower than many other rival machines and service options, which means your profits can be so be higher – especially through the summer months. To continue profiting though the winter, change your selection of drinks and flavours and experiment with offering popular cocktail options. Explore our range of machines here.