If you’re looking for a way to entice customers into your new cafe, restaurant, pub, hotel, or bar with the aroma of barista-grade coffee, or if you want to give your existing business an invigorating boost by investing in office coffee machines, a commercial coffee machine could be just what you need.

Designed to keep up with the increased usage that a home coffee machine simply cannot meet, there are more commercial coffee machines available to choose from today than ever before. That being said, investing in the right one for your business can seem like an impossible task. 

As the UK’s leading supplier of commercial coffee machines and refurbished coffee machines for a variety of spaces, we at Logic Vending have put together this overview of the best commercial coffee machines around in 2022. Keep reading to learn what sets these apart from the rest, and why each could be the perfect machine for your requirements and budget.

Ascaso Barista T Plus- White Commercial Coffee Machine


Being based in Barcelona, Spain, Ascaso engineers know a thing or two about quality coffee. Ascaso has long been a favourite manufacturer for home espresso drinkers worldwide and has recently entered the commercial market. This model brings the very latest technology and the creativity of Catalunyan coffee experts together. 

One of the Barista T series’ key features lies in its exceptional energy efficiency. Using this machine over an older, traditional coffee machine can deliver average energy savings of 50%, making it a perfect choice for the current financial climate as energy costs soar. 

Thermal stability is important too since you’ll want your repeat customers’ favourite coffee to taste the same each and every time. This machine’s superior level of thermal stability keeps the temperature under control for barista-quality drinks, even with difficult lighter roasts. 

Because the Barista T Plus uses water from the mains supply for each separate coffee, instead of using standing water that’s constantly reheated, fresh and filtered water goes into every coffee and ensures the best possible taste. 


Francino Bambino 2 Group Espresso Machine


If you’re tight on space and budget, the Francino Bambino 2 Group is a very affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. 

Known for reliability, high performance, and durability, Francino coffee machines are one of the brand leaders in the UK. This model is a perfect representation of those qualities, using only the highest-grade copper, brass, and stainless steel.

Italian for ‘baby’, the name ‘Bambino’ is especially well chosen for this compact machine- measuring just 58cm wide by 55cm deep and 45cm high. That means the Francino Bambino 2 Group can fit in even the most closely-packed spaces and makes it perfect for pubs or cafes. 

Built to last, the Francino Bambino 2 Group is easy to service, saving you time and money should maintenance be required in the future. The top-quality copper boiler is housed inside a stainless-steel plated body, minimising any chance of corrosion and prolonging the lifespan of 

the machine up to 10 years when properly cared for.

When set to semi-automatic mode, producing quality coffee quickly and consistently becomes as easy as the flick of a switch- perfect for those extra busy mornings and weekends!

Jura GIGA X3 Generation 2 Coffee Machine


Serving rich, smooth, and full-bodied coffees doesn’t need extensive training when you use the Jura GIGA X3 coffee machine. 

Jura uses the very best of Swiss innovation and technology in this bean-to-cup coffee machine. The new and improved version of the ever-popular GIGA X3 model, this machine can dispense 31 preset drinks (with room for another 12 completely customisable configurations), all at the press of the clear and easy to read 4.3” touchscreen. That’s especially useful in a world where Covid restrictions may be lifted, but concern about constant contact with others remains.

Simplicity doesn’t mean cutting down on quality. 2 thermoblocks ensure every speciality coffee is as piping hot and revitalising as the last. Ceramic disc grinders that are electrically adjustable half the grinding time compared to other Jura models, so you’ll never run out of beans on even the busiest days.

Made from the very best materials available, the GIGA X3 Gen 2 is designed to look sleek and stylish in any setting, whether it be your business or office space. 

Expobar Diamant 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine


Spanish coffee experts Diamant have built the Diamant as their flagship coffee machine. Here, the latest technology meets the finest practices of espresso tradition.

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the machines striking aluminium frame with pearl finish and stainless steel detailing. It’s a machine built to look the part as well as make barista-grade coffees. 

Fitted with 2 groups, 3 water boilers, and an electronic switchboard that controls coffee dosage volumetrically, quality and consistency are the keywords here. Large steam boilers, separate boilers for each brew, and precision temperature control make this machine suitable for every occasion or setting.

The on-board display shows the total brewed coffees each day, and can be used to automatically dose hot water and put the machine through daily ON and OFF cycles, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

Want To Know More?

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