Lavazza Crema and Aroma Coffee Beans

Brand: Lavazza


Lavazza Crema and Aroma blend is rich, well-balanced, and creamy. With notes of dark chocolate and spices, it makes a delicious espresso.

The creamy and savoury flavour is well-rounded with subtle acidity, notes of cereals, and a persistent dried fruit aftertaste. Made with a blend of Arabica beans from Central and South America and Robusta beans from South East Asia and Africa, our coffee is perfect for espresso, cafe crema, or black coffee.

Whether you enjoy your coffee in the morning, afternoon, or evening, our blend is sure to please. Experience the rich aroma and delicious flavour of Lavazza Crema and Aroma today.

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Taste areaBalanced
OriginsArabica from Central and South America; Robusta from South East Asia and Africa
NotesDried fruits and precious woods
Ideal forEspresso, Cafe Crema, Black Coffee
Ingredients100% Roasted Coffee Beans
Bag size1000g

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