Kokebi Coffee Leonardo Dark Roast 250g Coffee Beans

Brand: Kokebi Coffee



Leonardo is a 60% Arabica / 40% Robusta blend of coffee beans from Brazil, Honduras and Vietnam. A traditional Italian dark and full bodied roast measuring at a strength of 5/6, providing a pronounced roast flavour with subtle notes of cedar wood, roasted nut and a boozy finish. Leonardo mixes well to create smooth cappuccinos, lattes or on its own for a delicious espresso.

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TypeCoffee Beans
Beans60% Arabica / 40% Robusta
RoastDark Roast
Strength 5/6
OriginBrazil, Honduras, Vietnam
FlavourSubtle cedar wood and notes of roasted nuts with a boozy finish


Brazilian coffee varietal
Our famed Brazil Santos selection prevails as one of the finest bases for which we develop our range of flavours and blends. We meticulously select only the finest beans to ensure that in each cup you will discover flavour profiles of nuts, cocoa, chocolate and dried fruit. Attentively we commence roasting our Brazilian varieties to light-medium roast to achieve their well-balanced body, endearing a smooth and velvety soft mouthfeel to every cup.

Honduran coffee varietal
Kokebi Coffee have selected some of the very finest Honduran coffee beans noted for their high-quality flavour amidst a vibrant fruity fragrance. Experience tasting notes of orange and delicate hints of nuts from our blend which boasts a sweet cup profile and well-rounded body, lively acidity and clean velvety finish.

Vietnamese coffee varietal
We take your palate on a journey to Vietnam with our carefully selected Robusta coffee beans from one of the most revered producers of the variety. We have meticulously selected a balanced blend of coffee beans at source to achieve the perfect marriage of flavour notes including rich and bitter chocolate in parity with nuts and earthy footnotes. Expect a prolonged and smooth creamy finish.

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