WMF 1100 S Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


Compact size, easy handling, great taste.  The WMF 1100 S fits neatly into the market with anything and everything for the smallest possible space.

The 1100 S coffee machine serves coffee using gastro approved professional technology via it’s nifty touch screen interface.  Never before has high level coffee serving been so affordable and accessible.

Amazing technology comes hand in hand with amazing levels of taste thanks to a wide range of colour choices available for the 1100 S.  Choose from five different eye catching colours to excite your environment.

The WMF 1100 S has a vast hot beverage variety including all of the favourites and can supply hot chocolate on demand.

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Categories: , , , , , , , Tags: , Product Brand: WMFProduct Location: CoffeeShop/Restaurant/Pub, Hotel, Large Venue, Mobile Catering, Office / CorporateProduct Machine Type: Automatic / Bean to Cup Coffee Machines, Fresh Milk, Office Coffee MachinesProduct Purchase Method: Buy, Lease, Rent

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