Coffee Machine Rentals – The Advantages

If you are a new business it can be a daunting prospect to agree to a 3-year lease contract before you know how many coffees you will be selling to your customers, so this is where our 6-month rentals can be an advantage.

A small deposit is all it needs and then you can have your fledgeling business up and running, selling coffee’s to your customers and enjoying all the benefits of on-site warranty throughout the rental as well as telephone support should you need us.

On-site warranty

Benefit from on-site breakdown warranty and telephone support throughout your rental contract.

Native coffee “Nature’s Finest Beans”

Purchase any of your coffee ingredients or cleaning products via your dedicated account manager with swift delivery on all items.

Install within 7-14 days

We can install your equipment within 7-14 days of your order being placed.

View the range here and if you need any assistance get in touch!