Dry January in the UK is a one-month challenge to go completely alcohol free. It’s not about giving anything up either, but about getting something back by cutting alcohol out of our diets to improve health, energy levels and save some money.

It’s an increasingly popular challenge too, with over 130,000 taking part last year. Whilst many people may be looking to cut out the booze, some will also find extra comfort in a range of speciality hot drinks and gourmet coffees to keep hands warm and palates interested, as recommended by the British Heart Foundation.

To help inspire your range of beverages for your customers and/or office and clients to take advantage of we have provided some of our top suggestions and recommendations to help inspire tastes and demand though the month of January.

If gourmet coffee is the order of the day, we would like to introduce a brand-new limited edition Brazil Daterra Coffee. Available in 250g bags, Brazil Daterra is a single origin environmentally friendly coffee which provides quality of flavour and craftsmanship to deliver the finest Medium Roast 100% Arabica beans from Brazil direct to your business location. Try it here.

If our Brazil Daterra blend hasn’t sparked your interest, why not take a look at our most popular blend with existing customers, Intenso. Providing a complex and rich blend of fine arabica beans, Intenso delivers a dark heavy chocolate flavour. Try it here.

If you’re using a bean to cup machine which only provides coffee, have you considered one of a WMF bean to cup coffee machines? The WMF range extends production to a whole variety of hot drinks to help you diversify your drink selection. Browse our full range of WMF coffee machines here.

If you have big ideas for delicious coffee and hot drink beverages, but don’t know where to start, look no further than our online shop! Here you will find a wide range of ingredients including gourmet Kokebi Coffee, delicious syrups for creating seasonal beverages to cater to all tastes, biscuits, hot chocolate ingredients and more!

If you have any questions in respect of your ingredients, why not get in touch with our ingredients team to order over the phone? Call Logic Vending on: 0800 085 0065