Confused about which coffee machine to pick? We’ve got advice and top picks to help you make the right choice. Dive into our curated list of top coffee machines to pinpoint the perfect one for your needs.

With Logic Vending, you’re ensured top-quality, offering flexible purchasing options: buy, lease, or rent purchase plans tailored to fit your business needs.

Our lease packages come with a treat! All our packages include enough coffee for 1,000 drinks, warranty, barista gear, and goodies like cups, sugar, and syrups. Fancy an upgrade after a year? We’ve got you covered. It’s no surprise our customers love us on Trustpilot. Our lease packages are also available for all our refurbished coffee machines.

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Breaking Down Coffee Machine Types

Your preferred coffee, budget, and desired involvement in drink preparation will determine your machine choice.

Instant and Coffee Pod Machines

Ideal for those wanting speed and convenience at home or in office environments.


  • Compact, space-saving design.
  • Affordable with manageable monthly payments.
  • Quick, consistent, with minimal clean-up.
  • Variety in drink options, including tea and hot chocolate.
  • Fresh coffee with sealed pods; ideal for varied flavours at once.


  • Higher cost per drink.
  • More plastic being used which should be recycled.
  • Restricted to specific pod types, limiting options.

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Traditional Espresso Machines

For those wanting a hands-on experience and control over their brew.


  • Versatility with any fine espresso ground coffee.
  • More affordable per drink.
  • Control over drink strength and size.


  • Requires mastery and patience.
  • More cleanup and preparation.

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Bean-to-Cup Machines

For fresh coffee aficionados willing to invest more.


  • They grind fresh beans for each brew.
  • Various settings for a customised drink.
  • Compatible with a variety of coffee beans including Kokebi Coffee


  • Higher price point than instant machines.
  • Some models can take up more space.
  • Cleaning still needs to be carried out.

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Recommended Coffee Machine Features

Milk Frother: Essential for lovers of milky beverages – Any machine.
Steam wand: Traditional method using a burst of steam – More commonly found on espresso coffee machines.
Standalone frother: Separate device for whisking and heating – A great addition to a bean to cup machine.
Automatic frother: Directly dispenses foamed milk from the machine – A great addition to a bean to cup machine.
Personalisation/ Memory Function: Store your favourite settings – Bean to cup machines.
Large Water Tank: Ideal for frequent use. Some pod machines may have smaller tanks.
Descaling Program: Maintenance is key. We recommend choosing your first machine based on easy cleaning options and automatic descaling.
Smart Controls: Connect to your smartphone for remote control, troubleshooting, and updates. Ensure long-term security update support.

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