We have a wide range of coffee machines, from capsule machines to large commercial bean to cup machines, all with different suitability for different purposes. Installing a coffee machine is great for your business, so if you’re looking to lease a new coffee machine but aren’t sure which to choose, our Logic Vending guide to the best Franke coffee machines will help you decide.

Franke A400 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

High end, incredibly professional and Swiss-made, all Franke coffee machines are advanced. However, the really brilliant machines start with the Franke A400 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.

This machine features an 8-inch colour touch screen to allow drinks to be made quickly and easily and allows advertising messages to be placed on the screen. Its clear resolution works to inspire and draw in customers.

The dedication to hygiene we’ve come to expect from a Franke coffee machine shines through in the A400. Its advanced cleaning system and hose-free docking for milk containers make it incredibly hygienic and easy to keep clean. With a recommended daily output of 100 cups per day, this machine is perfect for a busy office or small hotel.

With any bean to cup commercial coffee machine lease, you will also receive our B2C starter package. This includes ceramic cups, glasses, paper cups and lids, 6kg of high-quality coffee beans, Sweetbird coffee syrups, chocolate powder, wooden stirrers and, of course, full installation and training. The A400 is the most affordable of all the commercial bean to cup options, making it an excellent choice for a smaller business.

Franke A600 FM Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Franke A600 FM Commercial Bean to Cup machine is an even more advanced machine than the A400 and is a perfect fit for any commercial environment. With a daily output of 150 cups per day, this could be the ideal choice for a venue with a little more footfall, such as a shopping centre or a gym.

New to the A600 and A800 is the brand new iced coffee module. Coffee is freshly ground, brewed and cooled to make a delicious chilled drink. Combine these with syrups, cold milk and milk foam and experience endless opportunities and appeal even to the coffee haters with brand new options such as strawberry milk!

The new IQ Flow technology used in Franke coffee systems extracts a deeper flavour from your beans, while the FoamMaster milk system allows for a beautiful steamed milk consistency. You can even have foam with your cold milk, something even the most talented barista can’t do by hand.

What’s more, the A600 is also a green machine: a timer function and minimal power consumption in standby mode make it incredibly energy efficient. Its price is between the A400 and A800, making it a good mid-range option.

Franke A800 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The Franke A800 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is the most professional of them all. With a larger touch screen for a more user-friendly interface, increased space for advertising, and a variety of fridge options to suit any business, this machine is powerful and versatile.

It’s the coffee lover’s dream: not only does it have the same iced coffee module, IQ Flow and FoamMaster technologies as the A600 and the same platinum standard of cleanliness as all Franke coffee machines, but with a new ceramic bean grinder, the A800 gives the best cup of Franke coffee yet.

With a maximum of 250 cups per day, this is the best Franke coffee system if you need a larger-capacity machine for a restaurant, university, larger office or another venue that receives a high amount of footfall.

The A800 is a more expensive option, but if your business needs a more powerful coffee machine, this is undoubtedly the commercial coffee machine to lease, buy or rent.

Franke A300 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The A300 machine is a smaller option with a big impact.

The most compact option of all the machines listed here, this is a great option if you’re short on space or looking for office coffee machines. With the same clear, easy to use touch screen as larger Franke coffee machines and the same FoamMaster technology, it produces equally excellent drinks quickly and easily.

With numerous configuration options, the A300 is a flexible option, suited to a variety of establishments. It’s also cheaper than the larger bean to cup options, making it a great choice for a smaller venue.