Should I Lease My Coffee Machine?

Coffee machine leasing is a fantastic way to spread your investment over affordable monthly or quarterly payments so that you can earn money from your coffee machine even before the first payment is taken from your bank.

Coffee machine leasing is the most popular way to finance your commercial coffee machine and for good reason, with many businesses opting for the service over a standard rental or purchase agreement.

No deposit required & no balloon payment

Our leasing options require no deposit before your lease starts which makes it a great option for new start business and if you need additional equipment such as fridges, dishwashers and slush machines these can all be placed under the same lease package.

In addition to this, we don’t charge any balloon payments at the end of the lease and should all of your payments be made throughout the lease you can take ownership of the equipment rather than hand it back.

On-site warranty

Unlike our competitors we provide on-site warranty and telephone cover for your leased coffee machine providing you with peace of mind should you have a breakdown and at a small additional cost, this can be extended for the duration of your lease.

No ingredients contract

There are no ingredients contracts alongside your lease so you are free to purchase your cleaning and ingredients products from wherever you choose to give you the freedom to shop around for the best products to serve to your customers.

Install within days

We can install your equipment within just days of your order providing our suppliers have the stock available and subject to financial approval for your lease.