Mint Mocha Latte

While Christmas may be out of the way for another year, the larger part of Winter still lies ahead. Unsurprisingly this season entices different tastes and preferences for various goods and flavours, especially when it comes to your customers choice of beverages – Our solution is simple, Sweetbird syrups.

We distribute Sweetbird’s deliciously versatile syrups which have won hearts and taste buds all over the world. Focussed on quality, flavour and innovation, Sweetbird provide the best in quality flavours including vegetarian, vegan and low calorie options.

While the solution to quenching the appetites of your customers tastes might be a simple, just what are the flavours which prove so popular this season? Well, we have done the research for you and can reveal that the top four are:

To help get you started we have also provided a simple recipe to follow using our Sweetbird syrup to make the most popular of the winter drinks, the mint mocha latte. Enjoy!

Mint Mocha Latte Instructions


  • Double espresso + Steamed milk


  • Add double espresso and 2 pumps of mint syrup to cup
  • Top with steamed milk

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