If your coffee machine is connected to the mains water supply, or you are re-filling your tank based machine, using a water filter isn’t just valuable – it’s essential to the smooth running of your coffee machine.

Replacing your water filter regularly ensures that you avoid hard water build ups, which can lead to machine failures plus replacing the filter helps maintain a quality and safe coffee output.

If your coffee machine isn’t maintained correctly it will void your warrantee, which means that for avoidable repair call outs you will incur a cost .

The importance of filtered water

Think of your coffee machine in the same way as you would your kettle, which is filled by most users with water directly from the mains supply. The hard water build up in your kettle will eventually render it unusable, and your coffee machine it is just the same. The grinding plates can become scaled, causing damage to the machine if you don’t commit to simply replacing your filter at regular intervals.

Filtered water will reduce the need for time-consuming maintenance and prevent costly breakdowns and specialist repairs. It is also essential for achieving the best-tasting coffee, especially in areas where limescale is a particular problem, such as London and the south east.

Limescale and hard water

In Britain around 60% of the country is affected by hard water and limescale. Mineral-rich water can have health benefits, however it can create damaging effects to the performance your coffee machine.

If this type of water is heated beyond 55°C or is allowed to stand, moisture evaporates and dissolved minerals start to solidify, creating limescale. This will eventually cover the heating element in your coffee machine, as well as affect the taste.

In addition to compromising the taste of your costly gourmet Kokebi Coffee beans and damaging the machine, limescale will also reduce your coffee machine efficiency by around 12 percent when it starts to build up, long before it burns out your element.

The Logic Vending solution

Every cup of coffee you serve is made up of 98% water, which is why it stands to reason that ensuring its quality is essential. The water you use should be pure and have a fresh taste and with no odour. It should also have a well-balanced mineral content to allow the aroma of the coffee to develop,

Thats why at Logic Vending we use commercial water filters for our range of machines which provide quality by preventing limescale deposits from building up and affecting the performance of your machine. You can find our full range of water filter replacements on our website here.

Get properly filtered mains water today

One of our maintenance team will install the correct filter upon installing your coffee machine to ensure your coffee machine starts its life limescale free.

Check the model supplied on the install to find your replacement, or if you would like to find out more about our coffee machine service, get in touch with us today on: 0800 085 0065