Should I Purchase My Coffee Machine?

If you have funds available sometimes the best option is simply to purchase your equipment rather than opt for a lease or rent.  In this instance you make a one off payment for your coffee machine or related equipment and simply wait for the install date.

This avoids any financial checks and delays in delivery amounting from signing all the documentation required for a lease.

What do I get with a purchase?

We can quote you on the complete package or a very simple boxed delivery of just the machine, it really depends on what you need.

Do you provide training?

As a default we quote all of our machines with on-site installation and training however if you would just prefer the machine delivered with manufacturer parts warranty we can also quote this on request.

Can I purchase refurbished machines from you?

You certainly can depending on our stock availability at the time of your enquiry.  Please ask a member of the team for more information.  Our refurbished machines can also come complete with full on-site parts and labour warranty for 12 months.

View the range of machines, should you have any questions get in touch!