Purchasing a Coffee Machine

Purchase a Commercial Coffee Machine 1

We offer a comprehensive range of new and refurbished commercial coffee machines to buy. Our high-quality coffee machines are suitable for many types of environments, including coffee shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Explore our range, and we will help you to select the right commercial coffee machine for your environment.

Purchasing a coffee machine

Purchasing a coffee machine means you pay for the machine outright, in one lump sum, and you become the sole owner of the equipment. In this instance, you make a one-off payment for your coffee machine or related equipment and simply wait for the install date. With all-new purchases, you are usually given a 1-year guarantee with the machine. Buying a coffee machine – instead of leasing or renting – can cost less in the long-term.

Benefits of buying

  • You are in control: You are in complete control of what machine type and model you want to buy and are not limited to only the specific machines that are part of the leasing or renting stock.
  • Faster Process: Buying a commercial coffee machine is a straightforward process; once you buy it, you own it. There is no need to wait for financial checks, and have to worry about whether you will be approved or not for financing options. Once you buy your commercial coffee machine you can have it delivered for the next day*
  • Less paperwork: Purchasing a commercial coffee machine outright means that you are no longer required to go through any financial checks, and have no obligations to a contract. You won’t have to read any fine prints and terms on any documentation, or, worry about potential delays with paperwork.
  • More cost-effective: If you have funds available, sometimes the best option is to purchase your equipment rather than opt for a lease or rent. In the long term, the overall price works out cheaper when you buy a machine outright.
  • Ownership: The main benefit of purchasing a coffee machine is that it becomes your asset. You are free to do anything you want with your commercial coffee machine so that you can make any necessary alternations. As you are in control of maintenance, you can ensure that problems get fixed straight away.
  • Not subject to penalty fees: As with most contracts, you may have to pay penalty fees if you wish to terminate the lease or rental agreement early, however, if you buy the coffee machine outright, you are not subject to these terms.

*Next day delivery applies for orders placed before 3 pm, the day before

Why buy from us

When you purchase from us, we can quote you on the complete package or a very simple boxed delivery of just the machine. As a default, we quote all of our machines with on-site installation and training; however, if you would prefer the machine delivered with manufacturer parts warranty, we can also quote this for you on request.

Alternatively, you can purchase refurbished machines from us depending on our stock availability at the time of your enquiry.  Please ask a member of the team for more information.

Our refurbished machines can also come complete with full on-site parts and labour warranty for 12 months.

View the range of machines, should you have any questions get in touch!