Coffee Machine Rentals

Coffee Machine Rentals 5

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial coffee machines to rent and we will help you to select the right commercial coffee machine for your environment. Our high-quality coffee machines are suitable for coffee shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants, offices and many other types of work environments.

Renting a Coffee Machine

Renting a coffee machine means that it is on loan to your business or organisation, it is maintained and serviced by us, and ownership of the machine remains with us throughout your rental period. You can use the coffee machine as if it were yours and make monthly payments until your rental contract is up. The main difference between renting and leasing a coffee machine is at the end of your contract you do not own the coffee machine and it will be returned to us.

Benefits of Renting

  • Flexibility: There is a potential that your circumstances might change in the near future, the number of people the coffee machine needs to cater for might increase or decrease. With rental, you can trial the machine and decide whether it works for you, or whether you want to invest in a different model in the future. Do this by taking advantage of our 6-month rental contract option, all you need to do is pay a small deposit.
  • Cost saving: Buying a coffee machine outright can be very expensive and very final. Renting a coffee machine can be a great way to spread the cost as you can budget your finances on a month by month basis. It allows you to free up cash flow for other investments.
  • Tax-deductible: In most cases, renting a coffee machine for your business is a tax-exempt business expense as it is not an asset owned by the company. You can also reclaim the VAT on your monthly repayments (if you are VAT registered).
  • Warranty Assurance: Feel at ease knowing you can enjoy all the benefits of on-site warranty through the rental period, as well as telephone support should you need us.

Why Rent from Us

We offer installation, training and maintenance as part of our rental package, providing full service and a stress-free solution.

Installation: We professionally install your equipment and ensure it is done to your specification.

Training: We offer training to make sure that your coffee machine is being used correctly. Correct use of the machine is vital, to ensure that it requires less maintenance during your rental period.

Maintenance: Our product range is made of up of very high-quality coffee machines. Although quality is guaranteed coffee machines have a lot of moving parts and things can go wrong. Reduce the stress of unexpected malfunctions by taking advantage of our warranty assurance.  We also provide maintenance and have a team readily available to answer the phone, should you need some support in any matter regarding your coffee machine.

Purchase any of your coffee ingredients or cleaning products via your dedicated account manager and we will ensure swift delivery on all items.

View the range here and get in touch if you need any assistance.