Standing out from the crowd has always been a vital ingredient for success. However, keeping a safe and open space with leisure facilities for staff is a hotly tipped trend for 2021.

This is as true for staff as it is important for visitors too, and one of the best ways to create a communal area is by offering superior beverages with a quality vending machine.

With a bean to cup machine in particular you will be able to take full advantage of barista grade coffee quickly, without the requirement of spending a lot of time making refreshments for meetings or constantly replenishing stocks.

But what about keeping a safe distance and hygiene? It goes without saying this is going to be at the top of the agenda for a long time to come, and will certainly dictate how the office space of the future will take shape.

Enter the new generation of touchless coffee machines, including the Jura GIGA X3 Generation 2 touchless coffee machine. Compatible with the JOE remote access app to allow touchless coffee solutions, with the option to order from your phone and eliminate the need for physical contact with the machine.

Nevertheless, while technology may now help us enjoy our established habits safely, the existing benefits of a coffee machine are just as relevant as we reconsider how office space evolves: Improved productivity, employee health, improved working atmosphere, added benefits for staff, positive customer experience and money saving.

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