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WMF Espresso Coffee Machine

Brand: WMF

The award-winning WMF espresso coffee machine embodies German engineered technology with all the barista flair and quality of the traditional portafilter machine whilst delivering the simplicity and consistency of a fully automatic machine.

Its classic look and sensory cues evoke the emotions of the espresso bar, but the trickier parts of the process are automated to ensure unrivalled coffee quality with 100% consistency. So, if you’re used to fully automatic machines, it represents a step up to the authentic espresso experience, but without the need for any time-consuming barista training.

Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 300 cups, the WMF espresso bridges the gap between two worlds, and offers the best of both.

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Product features


The WMF espresso’s two integrated grinders are equipped with precision-honed grinder disks to allow very fine grinding, ensuring an out- standing quality of espresso. Coffee...


With the WMF espresso, consistency is guaranteed by automation of all key steps, so coffee quality does not de- pend on the skill of the user. First, the machine automatically...


Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 300 cups, the WMF espresso is designed for high quantity as well as high quality. So you can be confident that nobody...


To let you keep pace with high demand even at peak times, 400 V models of the WMF espresso can simultaneously dispense coffee drinks, hot water and steam for milk foaming. This is...


Instead of Basic Steam, an optional second Auto Steam wand can be chosen in order to optimise the handling time in your business.

Kokebi Coffee


Kokebi Coffee Beans are ethically sourced, freshly roasted & packed at the optimal time, ensuring ultimate freshness & the highest quality.



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Logic Vending Barista Packs

Kokebi Coffee Beans | Water Filter | Installation & Maintenance Training | Group Head Cleaner | Ground Decaff Coffee | Tamper Mat | Milk Foaming Jug | Barista Towel | Frothing Thermometer | Tamper | Knock Box (or machine under grinder knock box) | Group Head Cleaning Brush | Stencil Art + Options Including: Cappuccino Cups & Saucers | Latte Glasses | Cups & Lids | Branded Coffee Syrups


Width723 mm
Height580 mm
Depth540 mm
Cups Per HourUp to 300 Cups
Power6.0 – 7.0 kw
Water SupplyPlumbed
Water Tank Capacity

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WMF Espresso Coffee Machine

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