Which Coffee Machine Should I Purchase for My Business?

It can be a daunting experience finding the right machine for your business.  Our handy guide will help you in your search and get you enjoying the benefits of a great commercial coffee machine in no time!

Are you a coffee shop?

If your answer to this is “yes” then the strongest recommended type of machine is a traditional espresso complete with a commercial grinder.


The Traditional Espresso

Traditional espresso coffee machines are arguably the fastest way to deliver coffee to your expectant customers and have the boiler capacity to offer large takeaway drinks with little drawback.  It also provides the theatre of a fully equipped coffee shop that can increase your sales and draw customers from the street to your environment.

It is a common concern that espresso machines take up too much time and effort while customers are left standing and while this can be true if the person serving the coffee has not used one before, the truth is that once you are efficient with serving from a group machine you will provide a fast and overall better-tasting experience that is exactly what people expect from a coffee shop.

All you need to get started is a power supply which can be a standard 13 amp socket for the small to medium machines, a water supply and it is advisable to have waste out (although this could just be a handy bucket under the counter).


What training do I need?

While we would advise a barista course for improved sales this is not a necessity providing you are willing and able to take the time to learn some basics.  Milk preparation is paramount in many coffee drinks so learning to froth or steam correctly is the number one skill in serving a half decent cup.  It is also a relatively easy skill to learn with many online tutorials available for the wannabe barista.

If you are a new business we would highly recommend getting your machine in place and self training in advance of your opening day.  It is a common error to leave the coffee machine for the last minute when you could of been training yourself all the skills you need for that big opening.

Do you need a coffee machine for an office?

If you need to fuel your staff with coffee then we would usually recommend a fresh bean to cup machine that will provide fantastic coffee shop quality drinks at the push of a button.  These machines are usually compact, can be hands fed instead of plumbed to your mains water supply and if you pay a little extra will also serve hot chocolate.

There are a lot of machines to choose from and it can be daunting trying to find the right one, but each bean to cup machine comes with a recommended daily serving and if you use this as a guide you will be on the right path.

We are here to help

Our team are trained to find the most suitable option for your business and would be happy to speak to you about your requirements.  Call us today for a hassle free quote.