6 Ways to Upgrade Your Office to Appeal to a Modern Workforce

Individuals born within the millennial and generation z era are becoming an increasingly large percentage of the overall workforce. They, therefore, shape a company’s culture in many ways as they expect an environment that will meet their modern expectations. Young workers are now seeking companies who are offering something new in the workplace, and it is up to office managers to make sure that all workers are content and happy with their current role and environment.

Read on to learn how to upgrade your office and make it more appealing to the modern workforce.

Six ways to upgrade your office

  1. Social zones

    Modern workers appreciate a comfortable social setting. If the workplace feels vibrant, yet relaxed, people will find coming to work more enjoyable. You can create a relaxed environment in your workplace by adding bean bags, couches, lounges chairs, fireplaces and televisions. Also, by including ways people can partake in fun activities, such as pool tables, foosball tables and games machines, employees will be able to socialise and relieve some stress when they may feel the need – this is what young workers like to see so they can maintain a work-life balance.

  2. Well-being

    Also, promoting healthy eating habits will please people who are health conscious. You can provide healthy snacks, fresh fruits and office coffee machines in the kitchen area as an alternative to the unhealthy options that employees might pay for by themselves. Fruits contain natural sugars which provide employees with a source of energy – the sugars are required to stimulate the brain and keep them more alert.

    Within the kitchen, there should be a space where employees can make tea or coffee throughout the day. Consuming caffeine prevents us from feeling tired, enhances creativity and productivity. It might also be a good idea to consider slush machine rentals or other quirky ways to treat your employees during the summer period as an excellent way to cool them down in the heat and let them know that you are thinking of them.


  3. Innovative design

    It is essential to create a desirable office space to appeal to the younger generation as they want to be working in a company where their surroundings are aesthetically pleasing. You can add exciting new paintings, indoor trees, plants, vintage-like pieces of furniture and decorations to revamp your office and make the younger employees admire your workplace. Also, using alternative colour schemes and unique soft furnishings adds a creative touch to your office space which will make it more likely to stand out to modern workers.

  4. Sustainable products

    Nowadays, many citizens, including people born within the millennial and generation z era’s, are concerned about the environment and support the act of sustainable living. Studies have shown that modern workers feel more drawn to a company if they can see that said company is aware of the environment and uses eco-friendly and sustainable products. Using environmentally friendly furniture, energy-efficient technology and making use of green building amenities can lower maintenance costs, as well as letting your employees know that you are doing what you can to help the environment.

  5. Variety of workspaces

    It is essential to provide a variety of workspaces so younger workers can choose which working environment is best suited to their working style. Some of the workspace options include:

    Open spaces

    The younger workforce want a flatter company hierarchy, so having open offices will appeal to them. Generally, they are not keen on the idea of having cubicles at the bottom and high authority offices at the top – it is harder to communicate to management if an important issue arises, which can be detrimental to the business. The younger employees understand that employees who have direct communication with their managers are more engaged and productive than if workers do not have much communication or direction from their management. Also, open offices allow feedback and the exchanging of ideas to happen more frequently, which is beneficial to the individual and the company overall.

    Hot desking

    Hot desking is where employees share desks or use different desks each day. Sitting beside a different employee puts them in the position where they can interact, find new inspiration and come up with ideas that they may have never thought about. Hot desking encourages employees to socialise, create new relationships with other colleagues and promotes company cohesion.

    Informal work areas

    Informal work areas allow employees to have the opportunity to gather and brainstorm ideas or work on a group project together in a comfortable environment. Many companies utilise booths that bring people together in close vicinity or have informal meeting rooms – this way you can retain a professional mindset and collaborate in a more relaxed environment.

  6. Technology

    Most of the younger generation are tech-savvy as they have grown up in a technologically led society. Everyone has access to the internet on a daily basis – almost everything we do now is purchased, booked, researched and shared with the click of a button. This new fast-paced lifestyle that they have adapted means that they will not be compatible with outdated technology. They will, therefore, evaluate whether a company’s technology is up to date at their new job. Thus, to save the frustration of losing younger workers and having to go through the recruitment process again, ensure that the technology within your office is up-to-date and efficient.