You want your business to flourish and the best way to do that is to serve the absolute best coffee that you can.

Find the right coffee

If you want to serve up the very best coffee experience you can’t just do it with any old coffee bean.

Don’t fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest beans out there in an attempt to make more money per cup because that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make for your business.  Customers will certainly taste a difference in the coffee and if you don’t show pride in the cup you are serving they will be unlikely to return in future.

Older, outdated coffee beans provide a bitter and tasteless cup of coffee so it is important that your coffee has a roasted on a date and not just a best before.


When to grind

It can be tempting to run a grind in the morning leaving you with nothing but ground coffee to serve throughout the day to your customers but this can result in a stale taste to your coffee by the middle of the day.

Grind only what you need, when you need it ensuring that the drinks you serve are as fresh as possible and your customers will see this.

The added benefit is each time you grind your coffee beans the aroma will be released into the environment means that visitors to your coffee shop will smell the coffee adding to that all-important experience.

Where to store your beans

Do not store in the fridge.  This is a common error but the constant cool/thaw cycle that beans are subjected to in a fridge result in moisture build-up inside the package affecting both taste and consistency.

Always store your coffee in a dark, airtight place to keep it at it’s best.

Serve with a smile

The most important point of all.  Serve your customers with a smile and remain open to criticism to ensure you continue to please your future visitors.

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