Hot/Cold Mobile Handwash Station Gen 2

The Gen 2 Mobile Handwash Station dispenses hot or cold water with a push of the foot pedal ensuring no hand contact.  It can work completely stand alone with no mains water or electrical requirements.

The stations comes with a large 20 litre tank delivering 200 dispenses of water before needing refill.

Short lead times.

Product features

    • Tap dispenses warm running water via foot action, ensures hygienic operation, with no need for hand contact
    • Foot operated dispenser also controls the volume needed
    • Provides 20 litres per fill, dispenses up to 100ml per foot press, delivering 200 dispenses from one full tank
    • Internal waste collection
    • Standalone and can be placed wherever needed, totally independent of plumbing, as it holds a 20-litre supply of water and a separate waste collection
    • Top fill – easy access for refilling without the need to remove panels
    • Trough style sink allows more space for people to wash their hands, whilst keeping the top of the unit cleaner for longer, without the usual water splashes everywhere
    • Power optional – can be used as ambient dispense where no power source is available, or warm water not required
    • With built in splashback, with soap and paper towel holder accessory
    • Temperature limited to 42°C for safety
    • Large wheels for easy manoeuvring
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