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We’re always working hard to improve our services, which is why we are looking for your feedback in our latest Customer Experience survey.

If you are one of our valued customers, we consider your feedback highly important, as learning what works for your business (and what doesn’t), is how we can best improve our service and your experience.

Our survey itself should take no more than five minutes, and all valid respondents will receive a 5% discount code to use on your next shop with us.

The survey will be open through July and August with participation being voluntary. All feedback is strictly confidential and never shared with third parties.

Add your voice to the survey to ensure your opinion is accounted for in our online Customer Experience Survey here.

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We are looking to learn about what matters most to you when it comes to diversifying your business services with catered food options. In our Catered Food Service survey have your say if a catered food service would be beneficial to you, and what that would need to include for your business. Take part here.

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