We are proud to introduce for Winter 2022 our latest limited edition single origin coffee Brazil Daterra from our roasters Kokebi Coffee.

Brazil Daterra is grown in the Cerrado region of Brazil where we have selected a delivery of some of the most highly regarded 100% Arabica Brazilian coffee beans in the world.

The Flavour

Brazil Daterra single origin coffee provides a delicious milk chocolate flavour with notes of biscuit. Experience a bright twist of orange peel with a citrus like acidity in the mouth with a sensation of a plump and ripe tree tomato.

Type: Coffee Beans
Beans: 100% Arabica
Roast: Medium Roast
Strength: 3/6
Origin: Single Origin Brazil Daterra
Bag: 250g


The Cooperative

Based in the Cerrado region of 150,000 native trees in 216 mini-farms of 5-15 hectares. A steady climate with dry-fresh winters and warm-wet summers creates the perfect environment for amazing beans to be grown. The dry winds in pleasantly hot days and refreshingly cool nights are what you will find in this region where the Daterra farms are located.

The coffee is patio dried and finally drum dried. This multi-step process creates even and exact moisture content in the final product. Additionally, it prevents issues such as over-fermentation. The coffee is meticulously sorted. First coffee passes through a density sorter then it is analysed electronically with a trichromatic sorter, a machine that uses full spectrum colour sensors to remove any defects or non-uniform beans.

Brazil Daterra – Brazil’s first Rainforest Alliance partnership.

Daterra was conceived in the 80’s, long before ‘sustainability’ was considered as vital as it is today. However, the Daterra Coffee project had the ambition from the start to produce specialty coffee grounded in environmental preservation and social development.

Daterra coffee was first grown at the Franca (Mogiana region) which was formerly used to produce grade A milk. The area proved exceptional for growing coffee as it boasts high altitude territories, which provide unique flavours and aroma profiles. The Daterra farm partnered with ESALQ (Sao Paulo State University – Luiz de Queiroz) to overhaul the land for coffee growing, creating the environmental Program for Environmental Adequacy.

Since forging this partnership, Daterra was to become the first Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farm in Brazil, later adding organic production to the farm to reinforce the principles of sustainability.

Daterra pride themselves on their slogan and philosophy of “Growing Relationship Coffee” and only sell coffee to sustainably certified importers, in order to stimulate the entire production chain whist sharing knowledge among smaller producers to promote social progress and coffee security.

The journey was not easy or fast, but strong enough to make possible their sustainable dream implemented by their passionate team.