Billi Taps Quadra Sparkling XL

Brand: Billi Taps

Chilled, Sparkling & Boiling

Professional saturated sparkling system. The CO2 injection system used in the Billi Taps Sparkling range ensures the saturation of CO2 in the water is high which means it has a better life and, consequently, taste.

Billi Taps Sparkling systems are the ultimate drinking water appliances which deliver boiling, chilled & professional sparkling filtered water instantly. A genuine three in one tap, offering boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water from the elegant XL tap.

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Product features


A simple adjustment allows the chilled water temperature to be raised to 15 C or lowered to 6 C for perfectly chilled refreshing drinks, with your desired temperature being quickly...


The boiling water temperature is adjustable but leaves our factory set at 98.5 degrees C - for brewing the perfect cup of tea. The system is designed so that there is no...


Adjustable carbonation to suit the users taste. Can be used with either disposable or refillable CO2 cylinders.


Manufactured and assembled in Great Britain using the highest quality components chosen for proven strength and longevity with low environmental impact, aiding clients meet their...

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Quadra Sparkling

Billi Taps Quadra Sparkling XL

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